Music Ministry

Music Ministry offers people a unique opportunity to serve their community and to praise their God! If you are at all interested in participating please call the main church office 855-1661!
Leave your contact information and a choir director will get back to you soon!

St. Stephen Choirs

  • Worship & Praise (Saturday Night Choir directed by Deborah Montoya)
  • 7 am Choir (Directed by Billy Funk)
  • 8:30 am Choir -Spanish Mass (Directed by Adrian Salas)
  • Carlos & Cynthia Gomez Choir
  • Wonderful Fire (Young Adult Choir directed by Deborah Montoya)
  • Mosaic (Adult Choir directed by Adrian Salas)
  • Children’s Choir

Children’s Choir

Open to all kids from 1st grade to 8th grade.
Call the Church Office at 855-1661 and leave a name and number and Debbie Montoya will get back to you!

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